Optimizing gastrointestinal health is important in creating a balance in the gut so bacteria, yeast and other organisms can’t over grow. An imbalance in the gut can cause a cascade of immunological reactions which could directly affect your fertility.

Up to 50% of unexplained infertility may be immune modulated or caused by immune factors. Is is possible that your immune dysregulation is coming from imbalances in your gut called dysbiosis. This is abnormal flora, bacteria, and organism in the gut creating a disorganized and dysregulated immune system resulting chronic inflammation.

A poor diet of processed, high sugar, low fiber diet contributes to the health of the gut. Lack of fiber can results in lack of good gut bacteria and short chain fatty acids which is food for the colon.

Further digestion issues can play a role is lack of efficient break down of nutrients causing more problems in the gut. What can you do? You can get tested to determine if you have bacteria or other organisms that may be wreaking havoc in the gut.

Additionally, probiotics are vital in creating health in the gut and act as a stabilizing force for your general immunity. This creates a cascade of positive effects including positive immune function which is essential for healthy conception and fertility.