Getting Pregnant Just Got Easier

Getting Pregnant Just Got Easier

Discover Tools for Success with Complete Fertility

Complete Fertility Solutions for Natural Fertility and Improving IVF Success Everyone Should Know was written with you mind. Whether you have unexplained infertility or preparing your body for a healthy pregnancy, Complete Fertility was written to give you the tools for success. Everything you should know to get pregnant naturally and prepare for a more successful IVF and IUI cycle that your doctor may not tell you is contained in this book.

Complete Fertility is a comprehensive base of information easily digested by the non-medical reader and written to empower you and give you hope to triumph in your fertility journey.

  • Address Both Male and Female Roadblock for Success
  • Increase Your Chances of Conceiving Naturally
  • Improve IVF and IUI Success
  • Optimize Hormonal Function
  • Optimize Immune Function to Combat Unexplained Infertility
  • Discover Implantation Strategies for a Successful Pregnancy
  • Optimize Thyroid and Adrenal Function to Improve Conception
  • Support Methylation Genetic Mutations to Enhance Your Fertility
  • Overcome hurdles related to “Advanced Maternal Age”
  • Boost Your Fertility with the Right Supplements
  • Gain Access to Diet, Lifestyle & Tips to Increase Your Success

Can you answer Yes to one or all of these three questions?

Are struggling to conceive naturally or with IUI and IVF?

Are you unclear the reason you are struggling to get pregnant?

Are you feeling frustrated and at a loss what to do next?

If you can answer Yes to any of these questions, you are at an impasse and you need some help. Infertility is on the rise. We live in a more toxic environment. We are more depleted.  We are having children later. Medicine has become more specialized rather than looking at the whole person. No one is focusing on optimizing your body’s physiology to achieve success. Regardless of the reason, you need answers. And you deserve information and the ability to create positive change.

You probably just have had no idea what to do or how to change things to be more successful. I have been helping women, men and couples increase their fertility success for about two decades. It has been a rewarding experience to those who initially could not conceive naturally and/or had failed IUI and IVF attempts to turn things around and get pregnant, stay pregnant and have healthy babies. This has only fueled my passion to help others realize their baby dreams

I want you to be successful too!

Trying to get pregnant should be a lot easier,

but many women, men and couples struggle with infertility or the inability to get pregnant after attempting for at least one year. It seems like it should not be this hard, right?  Don’t despair. There are natural and effective ways to enhance your fertility right now.

I am Dr. Kiera Lane, a Physician, Acupuncturist and Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine and your Fertility Expert.

I am here to empower you to realize your baby dreams. I personally understand the roadless traveled of having a child. Sometimes it is not a straight road but rather a winding one. I have been helping women, men and couples conceive successfully for nearly two decades. I am the author of Complete Fertility Solutions for Natural Fertility and Improving IVF Success Everyone Should Know, a book written to give you the tools to succeed.

My Book & Courses

Learn about my books and programs that can improve the success easily, naturally and affordably.

Complete Fertility

  • Discover fertility roadblocks and learn what to do to create success
  • Learn about researched methods and strategies to enhance fertility
  • Address both female and male fertility issues for true success
  • Empower yourself with knowledge and practical tools to creating the family you want
  • >Enhance natural fertility, IUI and IVF success

Fertility Affirmations

  • Harness the power of now using affirmations
  • Release self-doubt and self-blame and create harmony and inner peace
  • Learn how to create positive thinking to change your physiology
  • Support yourself during your stressful fertility struggles

Complete Fertility Programs

  • Perfect for anyone trying to conceive
  • Female and Male programs that include a 5-point methodology to increase your chances of pregnancy success
  • Includes female and male specific diets, supplements, stress and lifestyle support and ear (auricular) acupressure to enhance overall fertility

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