\What is an HSG? Hysterosalpingogram or HSG is an x-ray that involves using an oil-based dye through the cervix into the uterus and fallopian tubes. The test looks at the general shape of the uterus and takes pictures to see if the fallopian tubes are open.

Normally the sperm enters the vaginal canal, swims through the cervix, uterus and up into the fallopian tubes. Generally, the sperm fertilizes the egg while the egg is in the fallopian tubes. If your fallopian tubes are blocked the sperm will never make it to the egg. Blocked tubes are one potential roadblock to natural conception.

Although HSG it is a test, it may increase pregnancy odds for about 2 months after the procedure. How? It is believed that the oil-based dye flushes the tubes and may clear minor blocks and make it easier for sperm to get to the egg and fertilize it.