Have you thought that you could maneuver through the fertility journey with a little more ease? What do you tell yourself? Are you experiencing negative thoughts and you keep telling yourself it’s never going to happen and that you’re never going to get pregnant? Are you in a positive or negative mind set?

Affirmations affirm positive and support thoughts. It actually is harder than it seems. Let’s work on it together.

Create an affirmation for your body; one that is affirming, reassuring and supportive can transform you into a positive mind space. This could be something such as the affirmation “my body works in perfect harmony and allows natural conception to occur with ease and grace”, “I trust the process and I will conceive in the right time”, “My body works in perfect harmony and is capable of creating life”. Affirm positive thoughts each day and when you find yourself experiencing stressful or worrisome thoughts and redirect your attention to affirming positive and supportive messages to yourself. Positive thoughts have more power to overcome the many negative messages you send yourself each day. Changing your internal dialogue helps you feel better and positively influence your body physiology.

This simple tool done daily can positively impact your thoughts, your body and your fertility.