Sperm DNA fragmentation (SDF) which translates to DNA damage becomes an issue at “advanced paternal age” of forty. When men reach forty SDF rates can increase and especially at forty-five years or older. Multiple failed IVF attempts could be the result of SDF. Men close to forty or older should be focused on improving rates of SDF to improve chances to conceive with their partner or spouse. Increased SDF may also be linked to problems with offspring conceived from sperm with damaged DNA.

What can you do to reduced SDF? The focus should be centered on lifestyle modifications and antioxidant treatment. Avoid alcohol, smoking, process foods and chemicals. Micronutrient antioxidants are the key to reduce free radical damage and protect DNA against damage. Antioxidants appear to induce both DNA methylation, resulting in improved sperm nuclear maturation, and antioxidant defenses, resulting in less DNA fragmentation. Increase green leafy vegetables and fruits and vegetable of all colors of the rainbow. Diet and supplementation of antioxidants could be the key to reduce DNA fragmentation.