What is body awareness? Body awareness is the ability to listen your body and become aware of its wants and needs. Body talk is talking to your body. This requires you to ask questions and listen just like you would when talking to a person. Does this concept seem strange? Haven’t you said, “If only my body could talk to me”. Maneuvering through the uncharted terrain of infertility requires talking to your body to get direction what to do next. Don’t know where to start? Try this simple exercise to get started.

Sit in a quiet place without distractions. Turn your phone and television off. Take nine deep belly breaths in haling in and out to relax your mind and body. Connect with your body and ask your body “What do you need from me at this time?” Does your body need your love and support? More sleep? Eating healthier? Listen to what it says and write down the answers. If there is no reply, then simply tell your body that you are here to listen and allow it to talk when you’re able to hear. Try sitting down daily for a few quiet moments and start to listen to the directives your body is telling you. Try to stay unattached to the answer. Rather notice the answers as an observer. As you do this more you can become more aware of the wants and needs of your body. This can allow you to support your body better. Get started. Your body is talking. Are you listening?