Lack of sleep can negatively impact your fertility. Do you know getting too little sleep can negatively impact your health? Inf fact, sleep deprivation can negatively impact your mood, increase blood pressure, cause weight gain, lower your libido, reduce your concentration, cause short term and long-term memory issues, increase anxiety, and increase cortisol which causes hormonal imbalances.

Most people are under the false assumption that sleep deprivation is when you do not sleep for days at a time. However chronic lack of sleep or disrupted and interrupted sleep is in fact considered a type of sleep deprivation. This can lead to physical symptoms that can affect not only your fertility but also your day to energy, stamina, and cognition.

In fact, studies have shown that we need an optimal number of hours of sleep per night. I get it. You think that getting a lot done and being production wins over sleep. Sleep is not looked at as a real necessity by a lot of people. Maybe you are getting 6 hours and feel that is enough. You might think that if you get extra sleep and sleep 9 or more hours a night that it will help your fertility. However, studies show that an excess amount of sleep, such as 9 hours in too much and not beneficial. Six hours of sleep is too little. It appears that seven is the lucky number. Seven hours of sleep is an optimal amount of time to get your ZZZs and improve your fertility.
So tonight, prioritize and get to bed a littler earlier.