Are you reluctant to get gluten out of your diet? You may or may not be allergic to gluten, but you may have a sensitivity to gluten causing inflammation in your body. Gluten allergies and sensitivities might be producing a baseline of inflammation in the body. This inflammatory response may be affecting immune modulation when it comes to embryo implantation and success of IVF and/or natural conception. Gluten is a key factor in Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and should be removed from the diet with this autoimmune condition.

Blood tests can determine if you have a true allergy or just a sensitivity to gluten. Testing is done through bloodwork and generally need to be as comprehensive as possible including immunoglobulins IgE, IgA and IgG. These immunoglobulins cover not only food allergies but food sensitivities. In addition to testing, an elimination diet can be done when you eliminate gluten from your diet for one month after which time you reintroduce gluten back into the diet and observe the impact the reintroduction has on your body. You may experience headaches bloating, pain or anxiety for example and this can tell you that gluten may be affecting you in a negative way.

When it comes to fertility eliminating gluten is not a bad idea as it may be impacting you on an in immunological level and causing an abundance of inflammation in the body. Keeping a clean diet that reduces inflammation is important in enhancing your fertility and creating the best possible outcome for a healthy pregnancy.