One of the big differences between trying to conceive naturally and deciding to move forward with IVF is the cost. One cycle of IVF can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 depending on the center and individual’s medication needs. Most of the time the average number of IVF cycles that are needed is two. That can equal anywhere from $20-$60,000 depending on how extensive the lab testing is, medications prescribed, and the individual or couples needs for specific IVF services, such as, Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and genetic testing of embryos.

Then there is the emotional cost of the roller coast of emotions that may accompany the hurdles of IVF cycles, testing, and fertility treatments. Regardless of all of this, IVF is an absolute viable option for some couples that can result in great success. But what if you could prep your body to conceive naturally, or improve your success  IVF cycles? Since the average success rate is only 50-60%, you need some prep to make it a win-win for your emotions, your body, and your pocket book.

I am an advocate of saving money and your own personal resources. I help my patients to improve their IVF success by preparing their body, so you are at optimal physiological function and ready for success. If you are going to spend money, time and resources and invest in IVF, then you need to invest in preparing your body for success.

My book, Complete Fertility Solutions for Natural Fertility and Improving IVF Success Everyone Should Know, has tools to help you prepare. IVF maybe the right choice for you. Be ready and prepared to make it successful!