Is Epstein Bar Virus (EBV) affecting your fertility?

Those who suffer from fatigue may not realize they have the EBV virus. EBV is the same virus that causes mononucleosis, referred to as “mono” also known as the “kissing disease.” You do not have to have mono to be exposed to EBV. You might have had what you thought was a cold and it was really an EBV virus. EBV can include symptoms of fatigue, swollen glands, joint pain, fever, and chills. Some people can resolve the acute infection of the virus but are still riddled with lasting fatigue. Others can have a reactivated of the virus after the initial exposure which could be the cause of their underlying fatigue.

Since EBV is a virus, activity of this virus could affect immune function. Immune dysregulation has the potential to alter implantation status.

If you are tired often it is important to look at EBV antibodies in the blood for an infection. If your levels show you have had a past infection, but your levels are so high you may have a reactivation of the virus and therefore need appropriate treatment. Naturopathic medicine has a multitude of treatments and modalities to address EBV and regulate the immune system so you can improve implantation statues, as well as, feel vibrant once again.