Is your body called out for change? That one symptom you have has turned into a nagging and annoying one. You tried to ignore it but now it has become persistent. At some point that one thing that bothered you has multiplied and now your are feeling like your body is falling apart.

This is your body’s call for change. Your body has a voice. It’s talking. Are you listening? Sometimes it takes a focused goal to listen to your body. When preparing for conception we tend to listen to our body. What is your body saying? Is is time for change?

I know personally I’ve been in a places where my body was literally screaming at me. It wasn’t until I listened that I realized the changes I needed to make.

Are you having bad menstrual cramps? Irregular cycles? Really bad PMS? Theses are messages from your body that your hormones are out of balance. Has this been going on for a long time?

It is possible that you need help. Sometimes we require working with a skilled practitioner like myself to find tools to create balance and optimize your body’s normal psychological function. This in turns helps you to feel better and turns the tides toward health and optimizes your fertility.

We all struggle with balance. However, it’s important to take time to nurture our bodies with sleep, rest, laughter, creativity and healthy eating as a foundation. Once you have addressed these foundational pieces and your body is still shouting at you, it maybe time to listen.

So what is your body saying to you today?