Did you know the gene known as MTHFR creates enzymes that methylate folic acid which is needed for cell repair and synthesis as well as prevention of birth defects? It is estimated that 50 to 60% have mutations in a higher percentage may be present in women and men and couples who struggle with infertility. To gene locations A1298C and C677T can have single or double mutations. The summation of these mutations can further reduce the ability to methylate folic acid needed in embryo in fetal development development. In addition other genes as part of the methylation pathway such as COMT can further reduce methylation and why it is vital to test for these mutations. Most people don’t realize that males with mutation also can affect fetal development as half the DNA comes from the male and half the DNA comes from the female. MTHFR gene mutations can be tested with a simple cheek swab. Although you cannot change these mutations you can support the pathways to create the best chance of conception and a healthy baby.